FINALLY! YouTube is phasing out annoying annotations. Maybe you like them, but I certainly DO NOT.
YouTube is phasing in End Screen Elements. Now these End Screen Elements are only allowed in the last 20 seconds of your YouTube videos.
Another great thing about the new and improved YouTube End Screen Elements is that they are super easy and user friendly. They give you like 4 options and make it super uncomplicated.

This is a walk through tutorial on How To Utilize YouTube End Screen Elements. Luckily, I only had to replace a few of my annotations (since I’m so new and only have like a few vids), but I suggest everyone go back and utilize these new end screen elements for all of your videos.

Did I mention they are mobile optimized too??!!
Anyway, hope you enjoy this quick tutorial on How to utilize YouTube End Screen Elements.

QUESTION::: What do you think about the end screen elements? Will you go back on your vids to change and utilize them? Tell me in the comments below your inner most thoughts on this change.

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