How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

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Now some say Pinterest shouldn’t even be considered a social media platform. Well they are not right, but they are not wrong either. It is social in
some ways – as you are sharing/repinning and liking others’ content, but Pinterest
is a very personalized platform. Some people hold their Pinterest boards pretty close to their hearts. I know I sure do. I’m pretty sure my whole cook
book is on my Pinterest account.
That is why it is so important to utilize Pinterest for marketing your business. It is so near and dear to your market and you need to take advantage and
market, market, market while you can. This video on How to use Pinterest for marketing should get you going on the right track.

Now some are telling me Pinterest marketing is only to the female demographic, or my content is not suitable for Pinterest. Well get that out of your head, because Pinterest is growing, and it’s growing fast. Get on that Pinterest marketing band wagon now before it gets away from you. Establish your specialty on Pinterest while it’s growing.

Listen. Marketing on social media does not have to be complicated. Figure out where you fit in and just try your hand at the Pinterest marketing game. What’s it going to hurt, right?

My QUESTION for you – What social media platforms are you using? Why are you not using Pinterest for business? — OR are you already?

First, set up your account. If you are doing personal branding and you want to use your personal account. Go to you settings and you can just click a simple button to switch over to your account.
Fill out your descriptions on your profile and then decide what boards you are going to need. Where will your content or products fit it?

Second, find a following. Find an influencer in your field and go to their followers. These people will be ones most likely to enjoy your content and follow back. Follow as many as you can per day. You can’t follow too many, due to Pinterest spam filters, but just come back later or the next day if it stops you.

Third, join some GROUP boards. Now Pinterest makes it a little difficult, but if you go to you can find a lot of group boards that will help with your Pinterest marketing efforts. Follow other boards that will be beneficial for our business. Heck, follow ones that you just think will be fun to see!

POST. Post your content to your boards. Optimize the pins by using warm colors, no faces, and long vertical shapes. Also use your keywords in the description of the pin. Another beneficial thing you can do is put your website URL in your pin description to help create an extra backlink SEO to your website.

Happy Pinning Yall!

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How To Use Pinterest For Marketing