This could offend some people. BUT – it’s time for the cold, hard truth. You might be doing one of these annoying things on Twitter. And I am officially calling you out on it.

Top 5 Things To Stop Doing on Twitter –
Am I being a bit salty? Yes. BUT – I really do mean well. For all who will take offense, guess what. I really do have your best interest in mind. Twitter is my favorite social media platform ATM. I think it is so cool to ‘meet’, or connect with so many people from across the globe. SO NEAT. And so cool to be part of different communities on Twitter all through the simple hashtag.
But when you are doing one of these annoying things – you need to stop doing that on twitter. Or scale it back a little.

Question: Do you need to stop doing one of the things on Twitter? Do you disagree with me??
Are there any things that you find annoying that I didn’t mention?

Let me know in the comments below –

Top 5 Things To Stop Doing on Twitter – TWEET this to your Tweeties

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