Social Media is the new “word of mouth”.

-Whenever Aunt Betty finds a snake in her backyard, who does she tell? She hops on Facebook and starts blabbing.
-Whenever Sally Mae’s daughter has her first birthday, how does she share her experience? She posts a picture on Instagram.
-Whenever Bob has an amazing experience with his pool installation and backyard renovation, what does he do? He pulls out his phone and tweets about it.

Contractors usually receive business through referrals, or “word of mouth”. Well lucky for you social media gives you the ability to easily connect with hundreds, even thousands of local customers, and potential leads. In today’s video, I brainstorm ideas for local contractors to use social media. The main topics discussed include:

-Using Facebook to network with other local businesses, and the community
-Using Instagram to send meaningful DMs to increase referrals to your contracting business
-LinkedIn’s ability to show how great you truly are to your potential customers
-Building trust with your community and how it important that is when being a local contractor