“I hopped on Reddit, but I’m scared to post.”
You are not alone here my friend. The platform can be intimidating.
Reddit is the 7th largest website in the U.S. 234 million unique users a month.
Listen. Using Reddit for your business marketing CAN and will work. If you go about it in the right way.

My favorite subreddit:

The key takeaways I want you to grasp about Reddit success:

-Discovering your target audience’s community
-Building Karma through insightful comments
-Following Reddiquette in each subreddit
-NOT being scared
-Direct Promo is frowned upon, but don’t let that sway you

Reddit is known as the ‘front door to the internet’. Whenever you think of something going viral, breaking news, etc. Reddit really is one of the first places it ends up. The thing is YOU and YOUR brand need to realize the potential marketing on Reddit could have. Just do the research and make it happen.

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Until Next Time, Helping you build your online presence –
Haley Hall
Social Media Strategist
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