So finally you have decided to make the step to use the social media platform Pinterest for YouTube video promo. Awesome! This is a great step on your part. OR –
Have you not made this decision? Have you even thought about using Pinterest for YouTube channel traffic? If not go ahead and check out my other Pinterest video: How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

Basically, this video touches on changing your video Pinterest image when using Pinterest for YouTube. Your YouTube thumbnail could look GREAT. It could draw people in very well on YouTube. BUT. That same thumbnail on Pinterest will likely not work. I know, I know. This is a problem. In this video I do a quick Pinterest tutorial for my YouTubers that use Pinterest for YouTube. The tutorial just quickly shows how to regularly share a YouTube video on Pinterest. Then, I show you how to use a more appealing video Pinterest image for pinning your YouTube video on Pinterest.

So in the futute – I will continue to give more Pinterest for YouTube tips and tricks on utilizing the Pinterest social media platform.

Are you using Pinterest for YouTube views? If not, why not?
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