Have a goal. Always.
It is the first step to on how to measure performance on Instagram stories.It is the first step to on how to measure ANY social media campaign. Period.

Your business can achieve quite a few things with Instagram stories. Using Instagram stories in your marketing efforts in 2017 could be the game changer.
Some common goals that using Instagram stories for marketing:

-Brand Recognition/Awareness
-Exposure, or gaining more followers
-Getting Back in Instagram newsfeed
-Real Engagement
-Call to Actions that get viewers to leave the Instagram platform (to where you want them to be)

Now with all of these Instagram stories goals — guess what.
You can also efficiently measure performance with each and every one of them. In this Instagram stories video it’s discussed in detail how to measure the performance. If you happen to NOT be a mathy/analytics person then you will at least learn how to accomplish some Instagram marketing business goals.

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