Everyone is buying around the holidays. You know it’s true. So your holiday marketing campaign needs to be ON POINT. Now Instagram can be a tricky platform for some. Instagram has changed a lot of things this year. Don’t fret. Holiday marketing on Instagram does not have to be hard.

Before I continue — I have a gift for you. No it doesn’t correlate with holiday marketing on Instagram, but it’s still freaking cool!
Facebook Live Topic Ideas

By the way, I made more than just a Holiday Marketing on Instagram video::
Holiday Marketing on Pinterest
Holiday Marketing on Facebook

So back to holiday marketing. Got a little side tracked up there, huh. ^^^^ The thing I want to stress the most on Instagram is to utilize Instagram stories. Yeah. “They copied Snapchat”. Guess what! It’s business. It happened and now it’s time for everyone it for what it is. An AWESOME tool to drive people to your profile (and ultimately the link in your bio). So for when holiday marketing on Instagram be sure you are keeping that goal in mind.

Haley Hall’s Holiday List (Try to say that one fast)
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