It’s that time of year again. For some they love it and others can’t stand it. Which are you? As a business the holiday season
should be something you get excited about, whether you like it or not. By running holiday marketing campaign on social media you can
build trust within your community, increase sales, and well maybe have some fun too. Holiday marketing on Facebook is not difficult.
Not even time consuming.

Here is a special holiday gift for you my friend – Facebook LIVE topics (organized by industry)

— I didn’t just stop at making a holiday marketing on Facebook video —

Holiday Marketing on Pinterest 
Holiday Marketing on Instagram

So what it is about holiday marketing that stresses business owners and entrepreneurs out? The time? Am I doing this right? Well let me tell you, when it comes to holiday marketing on Facebook after watching this video you will realize how easy it is to just squeeze this in your normal marketing strategy to create an AWESOME holiday marketing campaign.

So just some key things to keep in mind when holiday marketing on Facebook —
1. Don’t feel like you have to ‘be like everyone else’ BE CREATIVE.
2. When holiday marketing on Facebook (or any social media platform), consider whether you will keep your religious beliefs private, or personal.
3. Continue to use your keywords on all of your posts, during your holiday marketing campaign, that way you are still optimizing your profile for organic search.

Now I want to hear from you. Have you started your holiday marketing campaign yet? If so what do you plan to do for your holiday marketing on Facebook?


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