Instagram stories are absolutely CRUSHING it. They have taken an idea/concept from (we all know) Snapchat and made it their own. With this ever-growing feature that Instagram has added is being swept up by brands. They allow high engagement with raw video, brand awareness, easier to convince your audience to commit to your call to action! So your brand is producing killer content, but, seriously? No one is watching. How to get more views on Instagram Stories? It’s easier than you think.

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What is the point of social media for your business if you have ZERO engagement with your followers? There isn’t. Whenever you engage with your followers on Instagram they are more likely to be interested in what your brand has going on. Therefore, more views for your Instagram stories. Comment on follower’s pictures. Reply to their stories. Heck – even send them a personalized video message every now and then (Yet, another very similar feature to Snapchat, HAHA).

Another great tactic to getting more views on Instagram stories is by attempting to get your brand featured on the popular page. If you are featured on the popular section of someone’s Instagram they could view your story, and you could even gain a new follower! Some methods to try and get featured:
1. Always keep a story up (with many parts)
2. Keep you Instagram profile active (posting 1-3 times daily)
3. Use Instagram’s added features on your Instagram stories
-Drawing Tools
-Stickers (Especially, Geotagging)

If you have a story up at all times, you will ALL of your followers when they log on. If you are notorious for only having a story up Monday – Friday, you are forgetting about all of your followers who may just log on to Instagram during the weekend.

Tagging other accounts in your Instagram stories is MEGA beneficial in more ways than just getting more views. When deciding who to tag in your story think of tagging potential ‘leads’. Leads in sales, or marketing are potential clients, or customers of your product, or service that have shown interest in some way, shape, or form. By tagging others you are engaging, possibly getting their attention for future sales, and potentially allowing them to view your story; ULTIMATELY, resulting in more views on your Instagram stories.

What methods have you tried to INCREASE your Instagram stories views?

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