What is all the hype over Facebook Live? How will it benefit my business? Can I use it in my social media marketing plan?
You sure can.

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Facebook Live Like A Pro – Yeah you heard that right. Like A Pro.
Featured in this Facebook Live Tutorial:
~Reasons why Facebook Live will benefit your brand, or benefit your business
~Step by Step guide to Facebook Live Like A Pro
~How to edit a Facebook Live video after it is posted
~Common concerns over Facebook Live for business
~Tips and Tricks to Facebook Live Like A Pro
~Inspiration to use the Facebook Live Feature to market your business

When it comes to “Going LIVE” on Facebook – or any social media for that matter; it’s a little nerve wrecking. What if I mess up? What if I say the wrong thing? I’m embarrassed. What if something just goes wrong while I’m using Facebook Live???? With a strategy in place and some pro tips from this video you will not have these concerns anymore when you use Facebook Livestream for marketing your Business.

Benefits, to Facebook live stream include – Facebook’s massive promotion of it. I even saw Facebook marketing it on television the other day. Wow. They want you to use it and they are making it very appealing for business allowing it to reach more people than your average post, or even uploaded images and videos.

Hopefully after ALL this – You can Facebook Live like a pro and continue to build your brand online through social media marketing.

So question time. What is your biggest fear, struggle, or concern with Facebook LIVE? How will you overcome it?