Email Marketing – Having a hard time pushing through all the noise of the internet? Why build an email list when you have all these social media platforms, a website, blog, podcast, etc? I will tell you EXACTLY why email marketing needs to be integrated into your sales funnel if it is not already. It’s about to be 2017. The time to build an email list is NOW.

Did you know I have something for you today? Facebook LIVE broadcasting topics to get you started.

So, email marketing really went big in the 90s. Businesses started occasionally using it to communicate internally, friends and family began to keep in touch. THEN — businesses got a hold of the idea of email marketing. Yep. They realized that if they were to build an email list it could launch them to the next level.

Now, you are thinking.. why build an email list Haley?
These are my top benefits of having an email list.
Have you started to build an email list? What is your biggest struggle when it comes to the building the list?

Also!!! Is email marketing something you want to know more about? Should I make more vids over it?


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