DISCLAIMER: This video could stir up some feels. Why you don’t need a website in 2017 is not something a lot of people want to hear, but they need to.

DISCLAIMER 2: I’m not saying this method is for everyone. If you have some disagreements about whether you need a website, or whether you don’t need a website — let me know. It is open for discussion.

Now onto the good stuff. The internet has come a long way in a short period of time. In the beginning, it was rare for any business to need a website. Then came corporations and big companies that decided they were in need of websites. Now, every small business, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and their dogs believe they need a website to survive online. Well let me break it to you. In 2017 — this is beginning to change. There are officially many alternatives to having a website in 2017. The big doozy here: Social Media.

Social media is taking over the internet, and they are trying hard to keep you on their platforms. They are beginning to look more and more like websites, blogs, and hubs for businesses.

You DON’T need a website in 2017 to be successful, or to build your online presence. At least not in the beginning.

Like I mentioned up there: Please let me know your thoughts on this! I’d love to hear them and discuss opinions.

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