Why am I not getting views? I’m being creative and putting all this time into it, and then nothing. 1 view here. 2 listeners there. What am I doing wrong?

Create Content to Create a Following
This goes out to bloggers, podcasters, AND video creators.

Now most of us already know that content marketing already means that you should, you know, create content. There are several pieces to the content creation puzzle. This video addresses just one. What content should you create. Content creation is THE most important thing to draw in your viewers / traffic / listeners / and ultimately your following. In this video discussed will be how to create content to create a following. A loyal one at that.

Like I said though – this is one piece!
– Content Creation
– Drawing them in
– Visually appealing
– Key words
– Email
– Quality
– and more

Let’s just start with this one part though. Content creation.
When you create content to create a following it gives your ‘future communtity’ a chance to be drawn in. It attracts them. Then they are hooked on your content that you create.

Most vids I provide examples, but I figured I’d leave this up to yall in the comments. Who is your target audience? What is a problem you could solve for them?

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